Dr. Paul Green, Superintendent 

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Meet the new Superintendent of Carter County Schools, Dr. Paul Green. Dr. Green has served students in a variety of roles throughout his 24 years in education. His experiences include working as a high school history teacher, varsity basketball coach, elementary and high school principal, chief academic officer, director of pupil personnel, and as superintendent of schools. 


In his most recent position as Superintendent of Jackson Independent School District, Dr. Green led the district to significant achievements including a 5-star high school rating, 4-star middle school rating, and the highest ACT composite scores in the state. These academic achievements occurred while overcoming significant financial difficulties and leading the district to financial solvency.


Prior to taking the position of superintendent at Jackson Independent Schools he worked at the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative where he launched a regional initiative to provide STEM learning opportunities, including computer science, aviation science and robotics, to students in remote rural locations in eastern Kentucky. The initiative was recognized by national organizations such as the Obama Foundation and the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative. The initiative was featured at the 2017 Obama Foundation Summit. Dr. Green received his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Morehead State University in 2016.


Dr. Green is married, with four children. His wife, Shellean, is an elementary school media specialist. He is very excited to embark on the next phase of his career as Superintendent of Carter County Schools.  He hopes he can make a difference to improve the educational opportunities for all students in the Carter County School District. 

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Carter selects new Super, approves contract

Emily Porter | The Daily Independent     Oct 19, 2021

​GRAYSON The Carter County Board of Education named a new superintendent during a board meeting Monday night.

Two special board meetings were scheduled for the board to move through the final selection process to name the new chief. The first included an executive session that lasted less than 10 minutes in order to officially decide who the new superintendent would be.

Dr. Paul Green was selected unanimously by the board to lead the district. Dr. Green was called and asked to accept. A moment later he was in front of the board of education and when asked if he would accept the role, he said, “I do, and I’d be honored.”

During the meeting, board chair Lisa Ramey-Easterling, along with fellow members took the time to acknowledge the work of Dr. Robert Bell, who stepped in as interim superintendent.

“Thank you so much for your service, we certainly appreciate you filling the gap for us,” said Ramey-Easterling.

She also thanked the screening committee and Don Martin, the Kentucky School Board Association consultant who walked the district through the process.

A second board meeting was called in order to formally announce Dr. Green’s acceptance and review the contract he would be presented and asked to sign.

“Dr. Green has the experience, passion and energy to continue the standard of excellence ingrained in Carter County Schools and to lead the district to the next level,” said Ramey-Easterling. “His leadership skills will be key in providing our staff with the necessary support and resources needed to meet the ever-changing academic and social-emotional needs of our students. We anticipate he will be a great asset to Carter County Schools and our communities.”

Green was serving as the Superintendent of Jackson Independent in Breathitt County prior to his upcoming move to Carter. He has completed 24 years in education and this school year begins Year 25. Jackson Independent is a single school offering preschool through 12th-grade education with just more than 300 students, according to the Kentucky Department of Education school report card data.

Green has not only served as a superintendent, but as a district’s Director of Pupil Personnel, Chief Academic Officer and worked to help create college and career readiness initiatives with the Kentucky Valley Education Cooperative. He has been a principal at both the elementary and high school levels.

“I’ve always been known as being someone that’s creative,” said Green about what he brings to the table. “I’ve always been an innovator and looking at new ways to attack issues and problems, thinking about the future of our society and how can we better prepare kids for this new world (of) technology and thinking about college and career readiness and how we can engage kids and keep them interested with a variety of programing. I feel like that’s my biggest strength and I feel like that’s something I can bring to Carter County and hopefully add to an already successful school district.”

Carter County’s success and tradition is what drew Green to the district. He shared that he discussed the opportunity with his wife and they felt is was a great opportunity for where their family is in life at this moment.

Green has four children, three of whom are either in college or have finished college. One is still in high school and is about finished, so the opportunity felt right.

“We just felt that this would be a really great opportunity and a great district to work in,” said Green. “I just felt like the needs of this district fit the skill set that I have.”

Green read through and signed the contract offered by the board during the second meeting, which is public record.

The contract states the annual base salary is $150,000, which is the equivalent of what former Carter Superintendent Ronnie Dotson was making at the time of his departure. This is an increase from his contract with Jackson Independent during the 2020-21 school years, where according to KDE data, Green was contracted for a base salary of $127,500.

“The parties shall annually agree to modifications of this salary, provided the salary in each subsequent year shall be increased by an amount at least equal to the greatest percentage increase received by any certified employee on the district salary schedule,” the contract states.

Green is contractually obligated to 241 days per year, which includes seven paid holidays, according to the contract. The paid holidays include July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Memorial Day. The contract begins on Nov. 1, 2021, when Green officially takes over the role as Carter County Superintendent, and ends on June 30, 2025.

Green will be provided the same benefits including health insurance and retirement plan that all certified employees in the district receive, according to the contract. He is provided 15 days of yearly leave for sick or personal days, which accumulate without limit. He also has 10 days of vacation leave, in accordance with the Kentucky Revised Statutes. These days also accrue without limit and are converted to sick leave at the end of the year, according to the contract.

“The board shall not provide the superintendent with a district vehicle,” the contract states. “The board shall not reimburse the superintendent for the use of the superintendent’s personal vehicle for business purposes, both inside and outside the district. Other than lodging, the superintendent shall not be reimbursed for other normal travel expenses incurred while traveling on district business.”

No contribution will be made toward a personal communication device and he will not receive any contribution for a deferred compensation annuity.

The superintendent is required to attend all professional training sessions required by law and appropriate local, state and national level meetings and conferences, according to the contract. However, the travel will not be reimbursed except for lodging and registration fees.

The board will pay the dues for professional membership of the Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA), Kentucky Association of School Superintendents (KASS) and the School Superintendents Association (AASA) as these organizations sponsor the required activities.

The board is contractually obligated to evaluate the superintendent annually through an agreed upon process, “which shall include periodic opportunities to review and discuss the superintendent’s performance” as well as the superintendent and board’s relation, at times determined by the board, according to the contract.

The contract also states that the board may terminate the contract “upon a showing of legal cause and in accordance with statutory procedures. The board shall release the superintendent from his contract with thirty (30) day notice, should the superintendent receive an opportunity for other employment.”

Green said he hopes to serve out the contract and sign another one with the district, which will see him serving through to retirement. Green shared that he is 47, so a second contract would likely allow him to finish out his career with Carter County when he reaches the retirement age of 55.

Green said the work would start immediately, as he begins the transition to eastern Kentucky.

“First off, it’s about maintaining and building on the successes this district already has. They’ve had a strong academic district, (I) want to maintain that focus and build on that,” said Green.

He believes the vision for the school district is set by the board and the community, but the superintendent is the one that “makes things happen” and must “be able to communicate that vision and have a strong community connection,” said Green, when asked about the most important aspect of the role. “(It is) making sure you’re talking to everybody, keeping them engaged and informed. Trying to pull everybody together to work towards those same common goals.”