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R. D. Porter, Chief of Police           606-474-6696 Ext. 20-009


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Police Department_edited.png
District Police Department

Carter County Schools have had SROs (School Resource Officers) in schools for over 20 years.  Legislation changed in 2022 that permitted Carter County Schools to form the Carter County School District Police Department.


SROs cover every school in the county and are responsible for enforcing all local, state and federal laws. They work with school administrators to ensure a safe environment for students, staff, families, and visitors while on school property. 

The Carter County School District Police Department is separate from the Carter County Sheriff's Office and Grayson and Olive Hill Police Departments but officers are certified through the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training. This gives SROs the same arrest powers as any other officer in the state. In addition to certification, SROs attend 40 hours of annual training that the state requires of all sworn law enforcement officers as well as SRO trainings.

Carter County School District Police Officer Duties:

  • Enforce criminal laws based upon the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS)

  • Deter criminal and/or disruptive activities. The officer's presence in school is a reminder and assurance of immediate response. 

  • Provide positive role models and serve as mentors to students. Uniformed officers are in the schools, walking the halls, talking with students and establishing positive relationships that go beyond the geographical boundaries of the school and, in many instances, the students' graduation.

  • Train school staff in emergency preparedness

  • Teach and participate in instructional activities

  • Provide support at extracurricular activities such as athletic contests, prom, and graduations


Click on the Safety Tipline button to anonymously report information that could indicate unsafe, harmful, dangerous, violent or criminal activity in our schools.

Administration of the Tipline is handled by the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security who has the resources to provide 24/7 live support whether tips are submitted by phone, text, or online.




Carter County Schools Police Department  (606) 474-6696 Ext. 20-009
Kentucky State Police                                  (606) 928-6421

Carter County Sheriff's Office                      (606) 474-5616

Grayson Police Department                         (606) 474-4308

Olive Hill Police Department                        (606) 286-2551

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